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On the way from linear waste management to sustainable, circular waste management, there are still many challenges. Therefore, the FiW develops solutions about circular economy, resource recovery, sustainable energy supply and climate and environmental protection. These solutions are based on full understanding of material flows, actors involved and current conditions.

Therefore, it is necessary to discover new ways: for example using CO2 from waste incineration plants for methanol synthesis through a concept developed by the FiW. This way climate protection, resource recovery and sustainable energy production are effectively connected with each other.

Plastics in the environment are another important topic at the FiW. We focus on the connecting point between water management and waste management. The connections between waste management and urban drainage, river basin management and flood management are analyzed. In addition, solutions are developed for areas of plastic exposure. These include, for example, urban cleanliness (littering) or plastic inputs into the environment through biological waste treatment (biowaste, sewage sludge, etc.).

Other topics include the development of waste management concepts, scientific support for the development and optimisation of calculating waste management fees for municipalities, concepts for sewage sludge utilisation and strategies for landfill aftercare like leachate treatment or use of weak gases.

As part of our intensive commitment to international cooperation, we take the findings and solutions we have developed to developing and emerging countries, through international research projects and frequent education and training courses.


The reviewed sewage sludge ordinance of Germany from 2017 sets priorities for the recovery of limited resource phosphorus. The FiW is involved intensively in testing innovative processes for medium-sized sewage treatment plants. In the future, other resources in wastewater also will be used, like wastewater heat or nitrogen, which has been largely removed up to now, but can no longer be used as fertilizer. The recovery of resources is also getting more important in the industrial sector, what is supported by new and cheaper technologies - especially membrane separation processes. Here we develop practical solutions and support action-oriented research. In the long term, great potentials are seen to transform the waste material sewage sludge into usable products with the help of suitable processes that leave the carbon largely in the product.


Dr.-Ing. Kristoffer Ooms
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