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Since its foundation, international cooperation has been one of FiW's core activities. As a research and transfer institute, FiW has been and continues to be active in a large number of different countries, drawing on a broad range of professional expertise. In addition to working on strategic research issues on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), FiW regularly provides consulting services for clients such as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, KfW or local institutions. Whereas a few years ago FiW's activities were focused on the emerging economies of Asia, projects on the African continent are currently in focus. Whether it is the establishment of a flood early warning system in Ghana, the improvement of drinking water supplies during catastrophic events in Cameroon, or the optimization of resource efficiency through adapted wastewater and sewage sludge treatment and recycling in Tunisia, our projects are always characterized by intensive cooperation and co-design hand-in-hand with local actors. The long-term success of the projects is ensured by developing project ideas in the spirit of sustainable development, bringing together and coordinating interdisciplinary and intercultural project consortia, and integrating local stakeholders at an early stage.

In addition to FiW's education and training activities in international cooperation, research collaborations with universities, industry and municipal partners are now increasingly being carried out. The focus is on application-oriented research that takes into account regional factors, framework conditions and other local challenges in order to develop measures adapted to the target region. The transfer of knowledge and, in particular, the joint development of solutions with local partners play an important role and represent the core components that contribute to sustainable cooperation and the implementation of project results.


GreenFactory SARTEX | Tunisia

Sustainable denim finishing using water recycling and renewable energies

GreenFactory SARTEX in Tunisia

HoWaMan | Iran

Flood risk management in semi-arid and arid areas

HoWaMan in Iran

I-WALAMAR | Morocco

Future-oriented technologies and services for a sustainable land management

I-WALAMAR – Water- und land management in Morocco

IGCS Summerschool

IGCS Summerschool

Workshops and excursion programme for the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability

InoCottonGROW | Pakistan

From cotton field to hanger

InoCottonGROW – Global cotton textile industry: the german water footprint in Pakistan

INTEWAR | Cameroon

Sustainable water use in Cameroon

INTEWAR – Innovative Technologies for the containment of Water Associated Diseases

Sewage sludge management | Tunisia

Water management in Tunisia after the Arab Spring

Sewage sludge management in Tunisia

RAIN | Ghana

RAIN – Climate adaptation in Ghana

Sustainable technologies and services for climate change adaptation in flood and drought-prone settlements in Ghana

Urban-NEXUS Concept | Jakarta

Integrated resource management in Southeast Asia

Urban-NEXUS concept for sustainable wastewater collection and treatment in Jakarta

WaterReTunE | Tunisia


Water Reuse in Tunisia