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Asian countries face tremendous water management challenges for different reasons. For more than 30 years, we have been engaged especially in emerging Asian countries. We offer solutions in consultancy for GIZ, KfW and local clients and at the same time work on strategic research questions to generate consultancy services.

China attaches great importance to the intensive research cooperation with German partners financed by the BMBF. The Chinese value German environmental know-how and are looking for insights into German environmental technologies. FiW has been involved for seven years in various BMBF-funded projects (WAYS, SINOWATER, ICMW), particularly in improving water quality and resource management in the water and waste sector. Experienced scientists carried out a significant part of the project work in China. Numerous Bachelor's and Master's students as well as young engineers took the opportunity to work on-site for several weeks and months as part of their activities for FiW. In this context, successful final theses were written. More than 90% of the participating industrial partners confirm the importance of the joint BMBF-funded research activities. For partners with no experience in China, it was a first step towards this country and for experiences partners it was a chance to intensify their market access. The manufacturing companies agree on the fact that the Chinese market will play an important role for them in the mid-term.

The year 2019 was an important milestone for FiW's activities in China. After the successful completion of the practical research and development activities of the last few years, the BMBF is shifting the geographical focus of German research funding to countries in Africa and South East Asia. In the current year, FiW employees worked on projects and project acquisitions in Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Krauß
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GreenFactory SARTEX | Tunisia

GreenFactory SARTEX

Sustainable denim finishing using water recycling and renewable energies

HoWaMan | Iran


Flood risk management in semi-arid and arid areas

I-WALAMAR | Morocco


Future-oriented technologies and services for a sustainable land management

IGCS Summerschool

IGCS Summerschool

Workshops and excursion programme for the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability

InoCottonGROW | Pakistan


From cotton field to hanger

INTEWAR | Cameroon

INTEWAR – sustainable use of water in Cameroon

Innovative technologies for the reduction of water-related diseases

Sewage sludge management | Tunisia

Sewage sludge management in Tunisia

Water management in Tunisia after the Arab Spring

RAIN | Ghana

RAIN – Climate adaptation in Ghana

Sustainable technologies and services for climate change adaptation in flood and drought-prone settlements in Ghana

Urban-NEXUS Concept | Jakarta

Integrated resource management in Southeast Asia

Urban-NEXUS concept for sustainable wastewater collection and treatment in Jakarta

WaterReTunE | Tunisia


Water Reuse in Tunisia