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Our education and training efforts are divided into three pillars: Pillar of Education, Pillar of Employees and Pillar of National and International Cooperation. In many cases, we have already succeeded in creating sustainable and long-term collaborations.

In addition to providing application-oriented and interdisciplinary knowledge in the water, wastewater and energy sector, we motivate people to critically question the effects of their own actions and to make responsible, independent and future-oriented decisions. Since the framework conditions can differ fundamentally depending on the region and the target group, we constantly adapt our teaching programs and tailor them to the needs of the participants. In this way, we ensure the greatest possible success of our educational work.

The guiding principle in the development of demand-oriented offers from the FiW portfolio is education adapted to the framework conditions. Our national and international training units are based on the blended learning approach, creating the best possible learning environment. A suitable learning experience can be offered based on our module catalogues on theoretical content, practical training units, excursions, visits and e-learning units. This way, both FiW's customers and partners receive first-class expertise and benefit for their personal careers.

In cooperation with our partners we develop products tailored to the needs of our clients. For instance, an capacity development platform in English on flood protection was developed with our project partners for the BMBF-funded project HoWaMan. In Tanzania and Cameroon, we are conducting training courses with cities and communities on the topics of water supply, sanitation and disaster prevention. Furthermore, we developed guidelines for a development bank on how to integrate climate risks and climate protection measures into the planning of urban water management infrastructures.

Based on more than 30 years of scientific and practical experience, our expertise includes a broad network of experts from the municipal and private sector. Due to this national and international network, a wide range of excursions and on-site visits to various technical facilities and institutions are offered. In direct dialogue with the experts on site, you may ask questions and gain insights from practical experience.


HoWaMan | Iran

Flood risk management in semi-arid and arid areas

HoWaMan in Iran

IGCS Summerschool

IGCS Summerschool

Workshops and excursion programme for the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability

INTEWAR | Cameroon

Sustainable water use in Cameroon

INTEWAR – Innovative Technologies for the containment of Water Associated Diseases

Sewage sludge management | Tunisia

Water management in Tunisia after the Arab Spring

Sewage sludge management in Tunisia

WaterReTunE | Tunisia


Water Reuse in Tunisia