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Due to our conviction, we align our daily work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We consider today’s challenges globally and develop adapted solutions for regional implementation. Different local conditions of an ecological, social and economic nature motivate us to new thinking and alternative approaches. Thus, we see great potential for sustainable transformation worldwide, particularly in the water and energy sectors. Through our commitment, we contribute to developing strategies and solutions.


In international cooperation, we jointly work with research and development partners from the global South to develop solutions to the challenges of climate change. Water supply, sanitation, sustainable water management, water reuse and management of intense precipitations and drought-periods are key areas of our activities along food and energy security. We develop new and innovative solutions in R&D projects, advise municipalities, companies, development banks and development organizations, and train personnel in capacity development.


Through our long-term commitment as a non-profit research and transfer institute, we have an established partner network in various countries of the global south. Together, the overlapping and increasingly complex challenges, such as population growth, climate change or the decline of biodiversity, are analysed on site to foster adapted solutions hand-in-hand. Co-design, the joint implementation of projects, is one of our trademarks: it represents a valuable pillar of our deliverables and reinforces our perception that sustainable development is a joint effort to which everyone can contribute.


Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Krauß
+49 241 80 2 66 22 / E-Mail

Matthias Hirt, M.Sc.
+49 241 80 2 68 40 / E-Mail


HoWaMan | Iran


Flood risk management in semi-arid and arid areas

I-WALAMAR | Morocco


Future-oriented technologies and services for a sustainable land management

InoCottonGROW | Pakistan


From cotton field to hanger

INTEWAR | Cameroon

Innovative technologies for the reduction of water-related diseases

INTEWAR – sustainable use of water in Cameroon

RAIN | Ghana

RAIN – Climate adaptation in Ghana

Sustainable technologies and services for climate change adaptation in flood and drought-prone settlements in Ghana

Urban-NEXUS Concept | Jakarta

Integrated resource management in Southeast Asia

Urban-NEXUS concept for sustainable wastewater collection and treatment in Jakarta