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Training and advanced training for all

“Capacity development”, “Training and advanced training” and “Lifelong learning” are keywords in worldwide activities for the achievement of the millennium development goals.

You will receive tailor-made training solutions for your specific requirements in the fields of:

Water Resource Management, Drinking Water, Wastewater Collection, Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Energy Concepts, Future Strategies and Assessing Fees and Charges.

In accordance to your specific needs FiW composes an individual selection of theoretical and practical learning units and thus creates a unique learning environment that best fulfills your demands.

Your company’s success comes along with our blended learning concept. We combine a variety of different classical and modern learning methods to effectively transfer to you the knowledge from more than 150 years of German experience in the water and environment sector.


We offer training:

  • for decision makers, engineers, technicians and students,
  • in German, English, French or other languages,
  • in Germany and in your home country.
Training with FiW    Meeting your Needs
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