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Wastewater Treatment and Anaerobic Sewage Sludge Treatment are two example topics selected out of our portfolio of services and expertise. If you are interested in our complete Module Handbook, please contact us.


Learning · Understanding · Acting

The idea behind the blended learning concept is to combine different learning methods to an individual learning concept. You will decide yourself whether you want to focus on individual, mobile or classical learning methods. It’s up to you!


Face-to-face classroom based education

This traditional way of knowledge transfer is still the best suitable method for teaching theoretical content. It enables direct interactivity between teacher and learners and amongst learners. Social interactivity is found to be one of the most important factor in efficiently consolidating the contents learnt. FiW’s experienced educators offer scientific knowledge combined with specific experiences in an international project context.


Practical training on semi-industrial pilot plants

The most effective way to understand and to learn is practicing. Hands-on pilot plants give you haptic experiences and thus deepens the knowledge, that before has been experienced audio-visually. FiW offers practical training on pilot plants, which allows you to experiment with various operating conditions and to experience their impact directly.


Virtual learning environment

Modern multimedia technologies enable modern learning methods: “e-learning”, “mobile learning” (m-learning), “distance learning” are terms that indicate the new flexibility offered to the learner. Autonomous and student-centered learning is the result. Regardless of time and place, the learner has the opportunity to develop his individual learning pattern.An increasing number of FiW’s courses are now available as interactive e-learning modules. They can be used in pure self-learning or in combination with tutored learning or in life-seminars. Some modules offer game-like learning on virtual construction sites.


Field visits and excursions

Over 30 years of research and transfer of the results in to practice have created FiW’s broad network of professionals at national, municipal and private level in Germany and around the world. This allows us to realize field visits and excursions to various plants and institutions in order to learn from living examples and particularly to profit from a direct dialogue and exchange of information between German professionals and learners in practice.


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