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Methanol: The renewable Fuel that drives us tomorrow

Methanolstandard – Examination of the technical foundations for standardizing methanol fuels in Europe


In collaboration with an interdisciplinary consortium of industry (FEV Europe GmbH, BMW AG, Ford Werke GmbH, Liebherr-Components Deggendorf GmbH, ASG Analytik-Service AG, Tec4Fuels GmbH) and research (tme RWTH Aachen University, OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH, FiW e.V.), FiW investigated the technical and normative framework for introducing renewable methanol fuels in the European region. This involved both technical and economic as well as ecological assessments along the entire fuel value chain, from production to application in internal combustion engines. The project "Methanol Standard" was funded by the BMWK as part of the "New Vehicle and System Technologies" funding measure.

More about the BMWK-funded Methanolstandard project