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Guiding principles

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Our vision

Our vision forms the base of our daily actions, both internally and externally. We are convinced that the urgent challenges of our times must be considered globally and solved locally with knowledge-based decisions, sustainable strategies, innovative technologies, commitment and participation, so that the next generations are provided with clean water, necessary resources and an environment worth.

Our task

As one of the leading independent environmental research institutes, we contribute to the sustainable development of water, energy and waste management. We are committed to this with long-term strategies and innovative processes in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe and in emerging and developing countries. For us as a practice-oriented research institute, the three pillars "research - transfer -sustainability" form the basis of our work to achieve our long-term vision.

Our self-image

As an independent, non-profit institute at the RWTH Aachen University, we distinguish ourselves through professional quality, customer orientation, economic efficiency and the commitment of our strong team. We want to create value - for the environment and the society. We achieve this together with our sponsors and customers, our members and partners and, of course, our employees.