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Citizens’ Workshop in Ratingen

FiW takes up suggestions on the topic of climate adaptation

On 26.02.2024, the kick-off event organized by GERTEC GmbH and FiW to involve citizens in the development of a climate protection and adaptation concept took place in Ratingen. The aim of the event was to identify deficits in climate protection and climate adaptation as well as potential measures at thematic tables.

The workshop in the Ratingen town hall began with a welcome from the head of the environmental department, Prof. Dr. Bert Wagener, and a presentation of the town’s integrated climate protection concept (IKK) to date. The 34 current measures identified by the city were presented. Various scenarios and objectives were then explained and the current participation format was presented. Following the presentation, the individual themed tables began, each lasting 30 minutes.

The theme tables dealt with the topics of climate-friendly living and working, mobility and climate adaptation and public green spaces. Participants had the opportunity to raise and discuss opportunities, obstacles, future scenarios and wishes. The ideas and suggestions were recorded in keywords on moderation boards and presented by the moderators at the end of the topic tables.

The citizens of Ratingen now have time until 21.04.2024 to enter further suggestions online in an ideas card. GERTEC and FiW will then incorporate the suggestions into the design of the integrated climate protection and adaptation concept as part of their participation process.