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Solar heat for Walheim

SolNahWal – Feasibility study for a fourth-generation heating network system ("Heating network systems 4.0") at Aachen-Walheim

There is a major lack of action in Germany with regard to reducing the relevant emissions from heating buildings. The starting point was the proposal of a citizens' initiative from the Walheim district to realize a solar local heating supply with an underground heat storage tank within an old quarry (similar to Danish projects). The heat for Walheim is to be provided almost exclusively by solar energy. A large long-term heat storage tank is required in order to be able to supply the solar heat generated in summer to consumers in winter. The solar heat generated flows preferentially into the daytime heat storage tank. Once this is full, the solar-generated heat is transferred to underground heat storage tanks (approx. 6.0 million kWh). The planned heating network corresponds to a low-temperature network. In addition, a so-called "high-temperature heat pump" (output 60 °C) is to be used.

More about the BAFA funded Project SolNahWal