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European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) in Marseille

The research associate Alejandra Lenis presented the results of her doctoral thesis in a presentation in the „Resource Efficient Bioeconomy“ block. These were achieved during the trial phase of the research project for the „Development of a process for converting ammonium from fermentation residues into nitrate and further utilization as an oxygen donor for biological oxidative biogas desulfurization (BioSulfOx)“, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

On the second day of the EUBCE conference, Ms. Lenis presented the results of her doctoral thesis on the desulfurization of biogas using nitrified digestate. Biogas, a renewable energy source produced through anaerobic digestion, contains the toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) gas, which must be removed. Her research investigated the use of nitrified digestate, a byproduct of anaerobic fermentation that is rich in ammonium and can be converted to nitrate, to biologically oxidize H₂S and thus purify the biogas. This method proved to be sustainable and aligns with the principles of the circular economy by recycling waste products and improving the overall sustainability of biogas production.

Understanding the biochemical mechanisms behind the desulfurization process was crucial for optimizing and scaling the process for industrial applications.

The presentation of these results was enriching and highlights the potential for innovative, sustainable solutions in biogas production. She looks forward to further advancing this research and collaborating to develop renewable energy technologies.