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Pollution load based sewer management in Cologne

ENTfrachtEN – Development of an integral process measuring and control technology concept for pollution load based real-time control of wastewater discharge with the aim of surface water relief


Together with Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln and NIVUS GmbH, a management concept is to be developed and implemented for the combined sewer system in Cologne-Rodenkirchen, in which the control of weirs and pumps, especially in spillways is based on loads. By implementing a load-based sewer network control, it is to be ensured that no solid loads are discharged into water bodies at any time that would lead to a critical concentration with the corresponding consequences in the water body.

As a parameter for these loads, the total suspended solids (TSS) load is determined by a new measuring system from NIVUS GmbH. The project is funded by the DBU and will run for three years until October 2024.

More about the DBU-funded ENTfrachtEN project