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Guideline Heavy Rain

Property protection and structural precautions

Climate-related increase of heavy rainfall events

Germany has suffered several heavy rainfalls in recent years, resulting in personal injury and damage to property. A further increase in these events is to be expected because of the climate change. While floods can only occur along a river, floods due to heavy rainfall are not linked to any topographical conditions and can occur anywhere. Citizens are responsible for the individual protection of their property. However, a large part of the population is not sufficiently aware of the existing risk.

Aim of the project

The research project "Directive Heavy Rainfall" aims to inform citizens about the risk they have to take themselves. Dealing with one's own risk leads to greater awareness among the population, from which precautionary measures can be developed. Basic knowledge about the effects of heavy rainfall, the vulnerability of building infrastructure and so-called adapted construction, while taking into account local conditions and special building materials, is becoming increasingly important.

Effectively protect your own property

As part of the project, the working group developed a paper for citizens, which enables them to assess the danger to their property themselves using a checklist. By drawing up a comprehensive catalogue of measures, which contains both precautionary measures and behavioural precautions, citizens are shown possible options for action to reduce the danger to their own property. The subsequent implementation depends on the individually desired level of protection and willingness to adapt.