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WaLKIS Phase I und II

Water management determinations and application of digital sealing data from official real estate cadastre data

Paved surfaces cause a reduction in the infiltration area for precipitation. This results in a change in the local water balance due to accelerated runoff behavior. In addition, run-off precipitation contaminated with pollutants and microparticles can pollute water bodies. In Phase I, a scientifically validated, reproducible method for the statistical estimation of sealed surfaces derived from ALKIS® data was created. During Phase II, an algorithm was developed based on the worksheet DWA-A 102/BWK-A 3 (Teil A) „Principles for the Management and Treatment of Stormwater Runoff for Discharge into Surface Waters“ to derive nationwide standardized paved areas, their use-specific characteristics, their runoff effectiveness, and the associated potential area load.

More about the MUNV-funded WaLKIS project