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Fees & contributions for water and waste management

The allocation of costs, based on the polluter pays principle, ensures sustainable concepts

For many years, the FiW has been involved in the assessment of fees and contributions as well as in the financing of measures in the field of water and waste management. This work focuses on the development of a profound decision basis to update regulations for the share of fees or contribution related costs.

The scientific monitoring of processes for the development and optimisation of assessment rules begins with an analysis of the current situation and the determination of the need for action. For this purpose, existing data is specifically prepared and evaluated. It is necessary to investigate if water management, technical or legal requirements and framework conditions have changed as well as cost and utilisation structures.

Particularly in the area of wastewater disposal and water management, we deal with the matter of contribution. This includes, for example, the changeover from the freshwater scale to separate dirty water and precipitation charges, the introduction of heavy polluter charges or a basic and performance charge. The FiW also supports municipalities and associations in the process of informing citizens and members as well as in the implementation of accompanied working groups.