The Research Institute for Water and Waste Management at RWTH Aachen (FiW) e. V. was founded in 1979 as a registered association and became an affiliated institute at the RWTH Aachen University. The close connection to the University provides the Institute with the best conditions to develop interdisciplinary solutions in the field of water and waste management. FiW cooperates closely with the Chair and Institute of Environmental Engineering (ISA), and the Testing and Development Institute for Wastewater Technology at RWTH Aachen (PIA) e.V. The three institutes act jointly as "acwa - Aachen water". The association of FiW includes members from scientific organizations, water boards, planning agencies and the waste management industry. Representatives from the consulting and industrial sector, the RWTH Aachen University and from federal and state ministries are active in the research advisory board of FiW. Our goal is to develop forward-looking strategies and innovative methods for water and waste management. As a research institute at the RWTH Aachen University, we emphasize the value of applied research and of approaching objectives practically.


Our team is our strength

FiW has a diverse interdisciplinary team including scientific staff from the fields of civil engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, geography, design, and spatial planning as well as experienced technical and administrative professionals.

Student research assistants and trainees in the fields of office communication and IT system integration actively support our team.


Objectives & Expertise

FiW is one of the leading independent environmental research institutes in the field of water and waste management. We aim to provide sustainable strategies and develop innovative methods.

As a research institute at RWTH Aachen University, we deliver hands-on solutions for real-world problems based on our application-based research. Our broad range of services and our extensive expertise in various research fields enable us to flexibly address most diverse research topics.


Research & Development

-        -  Development of sustainable and application-oriented concepts and strategies

-        -  Process development

-        -   Networking and project coordination

o   Professional support of municipalities, associations, regions and various stakeholders

o   Scientific supervision services for political boards

o   Development of target-oriented roadmaps

   -   -   Modeling: development and optimization of planning and management processes



      Consultation & Transfer of Knowledge

-         -    Expert opinions and compilation of studies

-         -   Consultation and technical assistance for planners, manufacturers and operators

-         -    Laboratory analyses and experiments using our half-technical pilot plant

-         -    Scientific monitoring of industrial facilities

-         -    Organization and participation in conferences and symposia

-         -    Economic aspects of water management: economic evaluation, financing matters, fee and contribution schemes


Training and Education

-         -    Customized and application-based training for experts in the fields of waste, water and waste water management

-         -    Training, further education and consultation in developing and emerging countries




Managing Directors




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